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European Sales Outsourcing Company

As a European player, we support large, international organisations as well as smaller national players to fulfil their growth ambition.

Our customers are companies with serious growth ambitions and the desire to keep growing. Skondras is the specialist in the optimization of sales processes. We are very experienced in achieving a pragmatic and accelerating betterment in the output of your sales organization.

Working together with Sondras starts with a pragmatic plan that achieves more result and a positive turnover in the short term.



You can’t improve a situation without a thorough analysis and preliminary advice. Although we provide these analyses and advices, we are not a traditional sales consultancy agent.


When you work with us you’ll find out we won’t bother you with thick reports with associated costs. We obtain for a short and pragmatic advisory process that ends with a clear, concrete presentation in which we inform you about what we have observed, what our analyses are and what our proposal is for a first project that will actually lead to more sales directly.


  • Is it possible to optimize your sales process?
  • Is your sales structure well-balanced?

  • Do you have full sight on your target groups and sweet spot within

  • Are you approaching prospects in the right way (do you use the right channels)?

  • Do you launch a new product in the smartest way possible?

  • Does your message (messaging) appeal to the target group and market(s)?

These are the sort of questions that will be answered by our consultants to provide you with a thorough sales policy.



This is about finding and recruiting the right people.


What are the qualities of my current sales people?

  • Am I able to reach the targets with my current team?
  • Do you need additional temporary sales reps to prevent your current team from overloading?

In Skondras you’ll find a proactive partner that will solve your temporarily and/or permanent need for qualified and talented sales staff.

  • We have both the network and experience to select and provide the right people in the shortest term possible.
  • With our partnership you will save yourself a lot of time and efford and perhaps a lot of trouble in the end.

Are you curious what our partnership can bring you?



You can’t play the game of sales without a proper analysis and the right people.
However, you can’t win this game without experience and a thorough execution of the sales policy. To optimise your ability to execute the best plans you can count on your partnership with Skondras once again. Skondras has over 20 years of experience with B2B lead generation by phone and telesales. We developed our experience based on the classic profession of ‘telemarketing’. This classic experience allows us to support you with the best ways to generate qualified appointments and leads or even actually perform telesales by closing the deal on your behalf by phone.

Are you curious what over 20 years of B2B experience can bring you?



The market for interim management is in motion. New technologies are changing the skills required from your current sales talent.
However, this motion also provides chances since your customers become more accustomed to online/phone contact as well.


In their Sales Academy Skondras educates ambitious sales talents. During their education time they will have the opportunity to get to know your organisation.
We make sure starting sales people are learning inside sales in an intensive and practical way. We combine this practical education with training and coaching by experienced specialists from various disciplines.


This combination of education and practical experiences and coaching guarantees that Inside Sales people that issued the Skondras Sales Academy certificate are “plug and play” ready for your organisation.

Minimizing Stress by Simplifying Sales

From strategy to practical implementation

Minimize Stress

By letting us take over the whole sales process

Strength & result

Decisiveness and focused on your result

Active throughout Europe
Ideal for companies with foreign offices

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Brainstorm with one of our experts

Do you want to optimize sales? Are you not sure what you’re looking for yet? Are you curious whether Skondras is the right partner for you?  We are happy to think with you. In a short conversation we can brainstorm about your possibilities.


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Do you have a talent for and proven experience in sales? Then respond to our current vacancies! Jobs are both within Skondras as challenging opportunities with our customers.

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