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Our clients

We prefer to refer to our cliets as our partners.


Skondras is active in more than 26 markets.


Contact us to find out what we already know about your business and segment.


We support global brands with getting and maintaining access to their European market. To achieve that we can help rolling out complete sales channel ecosystems or take responsibility for the implementation of marketing and sales programs.


Many of our customers are characterized by delivering their products or services to large and varied target groups, issuing high quality and complex transactions. Often the sales have to be organized and closed on a national level. Therefore, it’s important to use and tailor the local tone-of-sale according local customs and local clients habits. That’s where our distinctiveness comes in.


We work for both successful large, medium and small organizations such as Engie, Proximus, KPN, IBM, Roche, Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, HP, Dell, Nissan, Oracle, Microsoft, BP, Lukiol, Aveve, Accenture, B&C Concepts and more.

Markets in which we operate

  • Automotive
  • Security
  • Construction
  • Printing houses
  • Events
  • Energy
  • Facility
  • Financial institutions
  • HR & HR Software
  • Industry
  • IT hardware
  • IT software
  • IT security
  • Credit Management
  • Coffee
  • Media
  • Multifucntionals
  • Ngo’s
  • Oil & Gas
  • Education
  • Government
  • Pharma
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Transport
  • Packaging
  • Insurance


Our clients portfolio

We have a solid foundation built in, among others, IT, pharmaceutical industry, professional services, eCommerce, automotive, telecommunications, manufacturing and energy. In addition, we have experience in many niche segments.
Contact us to find out what we already know about your business and markets.

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Minimize Stress

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Active throughout Europe
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Customers of Skondras

Cases and References

"The collaboration with Skondras is on a high level. There is a constant exchange of ideas and Skondras acts as a real partner, they think with us continuously."

Peter Boermans
SICK, Sales Manager

"The collaboration with Skondras provided our team relief at normal time-consuming acquisition activities. The contacts with our customers were in a correct and open way, entirely in the spirit of our company. Multiple customers spoke of these calls in positive terms."

Dennis Lauwrens
Sinus Jevi Electric Heat, Sales Engineer

"Skondras acts in a very professional and involved way. The agents are well able to crawl into the skin of horlings and take ownership of matters. Therefore, they dare to present themselves as employees of Horlings."

Matthieu van Winsen
Horlings, Partner

"Due to the commitment and enthusiasm of the agent who carries out the campaign, our prospects get an excellent first impression of Datapas. The results Skondras has reach so far exceeded our expectations."

Maarten Vissers
Datapas B.V., Directeur

"The power of Skondras is that they know their automation. The follow-up of the results made by Skondras is excellent; they are very helpful, both before, during and after the end of the campaign. For years Skondras provides a constant flow of good leads."

Jan van de Marel
Atera, Territory Manager

"Telemarketing is reaching people. That is exactly where Skondras excels. They manage to translate our proposition into the words of the customers. They use the right tone of voice and are flexible. I completely trust the Skondras-agents when they operate as employees of COOLProfs."

Eric ten Harkel
COOLProfs, Directeur

"Skondras has reached an excellent conversion. The power of Skondras is their flexibility. We know Skondras as a flat organization that communicates well and in a direct wy. We are very happy, and I am in favor of further co-operation after this project is finished."

Henk jan Boom
De Vos Group, Business Unit Manager

"Skondras knows how to connect with potential customers and presents our USP's in an excellent way. When they bring in a customer, we can trust that this customer will not leave again any time soon: he knows the whole story."

Edwin Blom
Innova Energie, Sales Marketing Manager

"Skondras is a very specialized and warm company. The cooperation is pleasant and personal: when you call with an issue they are ready to think with you and take over. They make a good impression on our potential customers and therefore an excellent showcase for Native Consulting."

Krystle Koers
Native Consulting, Accountmanager

"Skondras is known for their quality. It is said that they proceed with care and attention, listen to their client and are fully committed to obtain the best result possible. In our project they have fully lived up to their reputation."

Barry van der Dong
Norman, Territory Director UK & Benelux

"For Oxxio the added value of Skondras is their enormous know-how regarding telesales in the energy market. For nearly a decade Skondras is a partner of Oxxio. As a result of that they are longer associated with our company than most of our current employees. Skondras offers Oxxio knowledge, clarification, commitment and high-quality sales."

Jantien van der Deen
Oxxio, Sales Manager Outsourced Sales

"For us, this project was a try-out. Could telemarketing be successful in a niche market like ours? Skondras has proven that telemarketing can be a success. They didn’t only bring a large amount of appointment but the quality of the leads they delivered is better than we have ever seen. I look forward to the next campaign."

Martin van der Veen
Repromat, Directeur

"Tech Data had an urgent need for a telemarketing solution on a very short term. Skondras turned out to be very hands on and capable of thinking with us on that short term. We are very pleased with the great flexibility and short response time Skondras showed us"

Dennis ten Boden
Tech Data, Program Marketing Manager

"At Skondras they understand very well that they are the business card of Total Supplies. We had a lot of benefit by using their input and knowledge based on years of experience. We feel Skondras is aiming for a long-term relationship in which quality is key. This quality is reflected in their utmost care, commitment and job satisfaction."

Wonko Limborgh
Total Supplies, Salesmanager

"Skondras is a very good party with an eye for the customer. Therefore, they directly understand what is needed and take the initiative to answer our needs as well and efficiently as possible. Their expertise and experience in the IT-market, is of great value in particularly. Comparing all telemarketing organizations I know, Skondras by far provides the best results."

Dirk Vermaerke
Trend Micro, Enterprise Marketing Manager

"Skondras showed genuine interest in our product and our story. They made sure they had a good understanding of our market. The agents asked intelligent questions during the briefing. Without a doubt Skondras created a great increase of our brand awareness."

Peter van Duivendijk
TRILUX, Marketeer groothandel

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