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Skondras Sales Academy

The market for sales and interim management is changing in many ways.


As a result of these changes:

  • Your customers are becoming more accustomed to online/phone contact.
  • A growing group of young(er) employees does not longer want to travel throughout the country by care.
  • The volume of phone/online closed deals is, with America as an example, increasing.
  • In addition to interaction by phone and face-to-face contact, it takes more and more social and digital skills to build business relationships.

Sales development reps

Intensive and practically engaged

Sales Development Reps, Inside sales and outbound commercial employees will become more mature and more vital functions within companies.


You have to set up your sales organization according this new way of working. Online, inbound marketing, CRM, co-browsing, social selling, digital signing, Gdpr/AVG are all important aspects to consider in order to align these functions properly.


What is the relationship between inside sales and marketing activities? And which management position is the most logical alternative to take control over such an Inside Sales function? Skondras has the best practices and can use these to advise you to organise your company in such a way that these, often young(er), professionals function in an optimal way.

For whom

For which companies?

In our Sales Academy Skondras educates people with ambition. We provide these talents the opportunity to get to know your company while studying. In this way you can get to know them as well. When a direct mutual interest occurs, nice things can happen!
We make sure that staring sales talents will get to know the profession of sales as intense as pragmatic. This by combining training, practical experience and coaching by professionals from different disciplines within sales.


We have proven experience in various industries

Skondras has a proven track record of international experience in over 26 industries among which:

  • Professional services
  • IT/automation
  • Telecom
  • Oil & gas
  • Logistics
  • Retail

Minimizing Stress by Simplifying Sales

From strategy to practical implementation


Minimize Stress

By letting us take over the whole sales process


Strength & result

Decisiveness and focused on your result


Active throughout Europe

Ideal for companies with foreign offices



Our approach

Cooperation & our approach

We have formed our own talent pool. These talents are mainly junior sales, inside sales and SDR’s which are trained within our Skondras Sales Academy. One of the instruments used to select the appropriate talents are assessments. Because of that we ensure that the talents picked are highly ambitious. During their training at the Skondras Sales Academy they get the possibility to get to know your organisation. Your benefit is that you are the first to have a chance to meet our new talent. If a direct mutual interest between you and our talent occurs, you can hire them directly.

Our approach

Job trial

Of course, you are in need of young professionals who are able to demonstrate that they have and can use the basic skills that are needed for the job.
All SDR’s will be supervised in order to fulfil your expectations at the maximum level
Our sales specialist will be interim for a period of 3 months. Of course you can hire our specialist on a permanent base after these three months if you wish.

Find out whether Skondras is the right partner for you

In a brief conversation we brainstorm with you about your possibilities

Quick Scan: 10 minutes

Brainstorm with one of our experts

You want to get more out of your sales? You don’t exactly know what you’re looking for yet? Find out whether Skondras is the right partner for you? We are more than happy to think along with you. In a brief conversation we brainstorm with you about your possibilities.


Without any obligations


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Do you have a talent for and proven experience in sales? Then respond to our current vacancies! Jobs are both within Skondras as challenging opportunities with our customers.

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