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We translate strategy to the daily practice

Many sales organisations operate on a day-to-day base. That’s not bad but it turns out that this daily routine leaves less space for reflection, renewal or optimization.


We do not only advise on a strategic level but also at all levels below, such as tactical and operational level. Therefore, you will not be stuck with bulky reports and unconcreted plans. We translate our strategic advice into day-to-day practice.


Skondras is the partner with a focus on sales for many large and small organizations. It’s not unusual that our pragmatic advises turn out to be a basis for innovation. Our broad knowledge of the market and day-to-day experience translate into ‘best practices’ that we use as a blueprint for your sales organization in order to optimise quickly and pragmatic.

We are partners

Every customer has a challenge that asks for specific steps.
We help partners with:

  • Messaging workshop(s)
  • Plan, architecture and ROI workshops
  • Market- & target group analysis
  • Sales performance Analysis



Every organization has a set of features that makes this organization unique. It is not always easy to communicate these unique features and the available knowledge in the best way possible.


Messaging workshops help you to communicate a commercial message clearly and provide a direction and structure for your sales organization.


For instance, you can think of:

  • Brand messaging
  • Thought leadership messaging
  • Product messaging
  • Target group messaging

Usually our partners start with two or three workshops to get the core message of the company clearer.

Foundation for effective sales

Plan, architecture and ROI

In addition to the messaging, we can also offer you two workshops that provide the basis for a well-founded sales plan. This is the foundation for your organization to organise your sales in a more effective and more smoothly way. In this way your sales management becomes very pragmatic, very direct, very tangible so your organization can grow faster.


In this workshop we will explore the plans and your ambitions. During the workshop we also consist an analysis of the organization, the sales processes, and relevant parameters that currently determine the sales processes and their outcomes in, among other things, terms of turnover.


In this workshop, we provide our best-practices and blueprints of the effective sales organizations as seen at large but also small(er) successful organizations.


The knowledge and experience from projects in our client set is our Intellectual Property when it comes to best-in-class sales.


Minimizing Stress by Simplifying Sales

From strategy to practical implementation


Minimize Stress

By letting us take over the whole sales process


Strength & result

Decisiveness and focused on your result


Active throughout Europe

Ideal for companies with foreign offices



Improvement starts with analyses

Market- & target group analyses

The analysis of your current customer and prospect database is your start of improving sales and marketing results. Marketing Intelligence consultancy & good output data are of crucial influence on the sales result.

We always start with a short “sweet spot detecting” process. During this process we will, together with you, determine in a fact-based and data-driven way what the ideal target group for your company should be. The basis of this process is the profile of the ideal customer that your company already uses. By sharpening this profile with more fact-based and data-driven details we create an adjusted profile that ultimately results in a sweet spot of potential customers.

Lists of prospects are always enriched with up-to-date contact details and current information on the decision-makers within the DMU. In advance we determine together which roles in the DMU are favourite to approach for an appointment.


Due to many years of experience Skondras has an extensive insight into the market which enables you to provide you with excellent support.



Sales Performance

In order to analyse the sales performance of your company we make an analysis of the organization, the sales processes, sales tools used, sales management and the commercial skills of the individual account manager.


Afterwards we provide you with a concrete opinion on simple and more strategic improvements. We also provide you with an overview of the practical coaching and training needs per account manager.


From a practical point of view a Sales Performance Analysis always includes the following:

  • Desktop research – Organization chart and quotations
  • Interviews regarding the organization and sales management
  • Participation in sales consultation / sales meeting
  • Interviews with the account managers
  • Accompany account managers to new business prospects
  • Accompany account managers to existing relationships

Depending on your needs we can add or remove parts of this analysis.

The final result is not a thick report but a clear presentation with observations, an analysis of which factors withhold your organisation from (faster) growth and our advice regarding which project you can prioritize best as a first project to help to speed up the sales.

Find out whether Skondras is the right partner for you

In a brief conversation we brainstorm with you about your possibilities

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You want to get more out of your sales? You don’t exactly know what you’re looking for yet? Find out whether Skondras is the right partner for you? We are more than happy to think along with you. In a brief conversation we brainstorm with you about your possibilities.


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