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Sales sourcing

Why should you hire sales specialists?

Of course, as a company, you want to have your own sales team because they are the core of the commerce of your company. However, there are always reasons or situations that require a different approach:

  • Temporary capacity at scarcity
  • You don’t want to overload your own sales, for example, during the introduction of a new product
  • More flexibility while working with your sales capacity
  • You are in need for temporarily sales people or you want to keep control over the costs of sale
  • You want to be sure of controlled influx of new sales
  • You don’t have specific expertise in recruitment & selection of sales profiles

Sales specialists

What sort of specialists can you hire?

  • Sales manager
  • Key account manager
  • Enterprise account manager
  • New business development manager
  • Account manager
  • Inside sales
  • Sales development reps
  • Sales hunter
  • Sales director

The possible bases of hiring

  • Secondment
  • Fixed
  • Recruitment and selection

Depending on the contract, the seniority of the function and the wishes of both our partner and the employee, we choose the most appropriate basis on which we can fulfil your needs. We are flexible and more than willing to think with you.


Sales Specialists

  • The supply of 4 field sales reps for a major oil company during a new product introduction
  • For over a year an IT security specialist has been looking for an experienced sales person in Belgium. Within three weeks’ time we found three relevant candidates
  • A European retail chain was looking for 8 Brand Ambassadors/Sales Hunters in 5 countries. Within two weeks’ time we delivered them a fully capable team.


Proven track record in markets

Skondras has thorough experience in many countries of the world and in more than 26 different markets. Some examples:


  • Business services
  • IT
  • Telecom
  • Oil-& gas
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Pharmacy

Benefits of Skondras



Our employees have more than 20 years of experience in outbound B2B lead generation.


Reduce sales stress

We are standing next to you, with our experience but also with best practices and blue prints from the market, to make your sales run more smoothly and ‘in flow’.


From strategy to execution

We help you in the total sales process. From strategy to export. From analysis to data optimization. From assessments to making appointments. Everything focused on sales optimization. Which leads to more turnover.


Quality and trust through 20 years of experience at European level

Skondras supports large and small companies in their growth ambitions and in the need to improve their sales organization and make them work more efficiently.


Skondras guarantees quality which is underlined by the A-brands we work for.

Value for money

We do not promise you the moon, on the basis of our experience we are realistic in what is feasible in your market. And we will live up to those expectations.

Cooperation & approach

We have our own talent pool. The Skondras Sales Academy, which we use to train and educate junior sales, inside sales and sdrs in particularly. We also provide extern recruitment in exceptional cases for instance when you’re in need for specific sales profiles. We always deliver experienced sales specialists with a results-oriented attitude, a passion for sales and an affinity with your industry. We will introduce the best candidates for each function. Of course, the choice is yours to decide whether they fit within your organization.

How it works

All specialists are accompanied by Skondras so they are up to fully meet your expectations.

The sales specialist will work for you on an interim basis for a minimum period of 3 months. Do you want to provide him or her permanent employment afterwards? No problem for us.

  • Curious about what Skondras can do for you?
  • Brainstorm with us about the possibilities?

Find out whether Skondras is the right partner for you

In a brief conversation we brainstorm with you about your possibilities

10 minutes quickscan

Have a brainstorm session with one of our experts

Are you looking for more results in sales? Are you not sure what you’re looking for yet? Curious whether Skondras is the right partner for you? We are more than willing to think with you. In a short brainstorm we will discuss your options.


completely free of obligations


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Do you have a talent for and proven experience in sales? Then respond to our current vacancies! Jobs are both within Skondras as challenging opportunities with our customers.

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